Colorful Cocktails: Kir Royale

"Champagne Bottle #2"

"Kir Royale"

The Kir, named for Dijon (Burgundy, France) mayor Félix Kir (around the 1940's), is a "before dinner" cocktail typically made with a dry white wine and crème de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur).  According to the International Bartender's Association, the cocktail is composed of 1/10 crème de cassis and 9/10 white wine but this ratio has been heavily debated and has fluctuated over the years.  It becomes the Kir Royale, when you swap in sparkling wine or champagne.  Obviously, you'd want to choose a mid-grade option and save the Dom for another day.  So when the mood strikes for some bubbles (whether before dinner, after or on a Thursday night), dust off your finest flutes and get to poppin' (corks and collars)!  Is anyone else going to #treatyoself on this très jolie Tuesday?


pve design said…
This is one of my favorites!
There is something elegant and pretty about it.
Love to buy this work -
LKF said…
Kir Royales are my favorite! I had one last night while I made dinner. :-)
Beth Dunn said…
I love bubbly!
Baltimore Prep said…
Aww this brings back fond memories of my engagement trip to Paris two years ago...drank quite a few Kir Royales! There may need to be space for this on a wall! xx
Amanda C. Bee said…
Thank you ladies!! xx
Minted Magazine said…
Sooo pretty.

Minted Magazine
Anonymous said…
Wow, thank you for following me, your work is amazing!

Check out my post today, I think you might like it :)
Love the second one--beautiful colors (as always)!

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