Works like magic.

Monogram your tervis.
Keeps hot things hot and cold things cold.


Kate said…
I have one of these with an anchor on it. I think I need a monogrammed one too ;)
Jennifer said…
I left you something on my blog! By the way, I love the tumbler!
Hi there! Thanks for following! I'm looking forward to getting to know more of you through your posts. :D

Since it's pink, keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, then there's really nothing more to ask for!

Merry Christmas! :D
Whitney said…
Super cute!
Thanks for being a follower!
Pearls and Bows said…
Very cute! I just gave you a blog award!
QueenBeeSwain said…
ooooh ooooh oooh, why did I not tell Santa that I wanted those?! Love Tervis tumblers- my parents have a ton with their country club's insignia on 'em!

Good Gals Inc said…
I love these cups! I have them with all kinds of designs! Just found your blog, it's great. Check mind out! Happy Holidays!
QueenBeeSwain said…
left a little nugget for you on my blog :)

I awarded you with something beautiful over at my blog :) Please drop by to claim it :D Happy New Year!
tervis is the greatest invention ever!
Lis said…
I am a tervis addict!! I love getting them for people. They always are like oh.. cool a plastic cup.. and then a few days later call me and say I LOVE IT!! :)

I think I need a monogrammed on now too!! Happy 2009!!
Oh I love this. My color too.

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