L is for Lobster.

If you haven't guessed by now, in addition to card stock and prints, I plan on making an alphabet book for a dear friend of mine and then having it available to everyone! Any ideas for Q?! So far it's quiche or quilt. It's the toughest letter (that and the letter I)! If there's something you'd love to see, just say it and I can try my best to make it happen! x


It's Official said…
I really like quilt!! I'm completely obsessed your designs.

What about queen, quarterback or quest? Happy Tuesday! XO
Amanda C. Bee said…
@Trixie: How could I not figure out ice cream?! Only one of the best food groups!

@It's Official: Thanks so much lady! I think queen would turn out really well!
MbD said…
"I" is for Indigo #allIwantisabigsquareofindigo
Amanda C. Bee said…
MbD: Stroke of genius! #punintended
ms. mindless said…
what about quail for q? your work is so much fun!
LOVE this one--makes me think of summer and the sea!

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