Wardrobe Wednesday: Elizabeth McKay

The Hand-Beaded Virginia Dress

Scotland Ruffle Wrap Dress - A timeless staple.

The Smocked Dress

I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago (as I'm wayyy behind on Wardrobe Wednesday), so here ya go!
This latest post is brought to you by Elizabeth McKay's Spring 2012 Preview! Appropriately titled "Ladies Who Lunch," this collection looks real promising, especially for daytime culinary escapades. Check her out here. #wishingforwarmerweather


How neat! I saw Let the Tide's one you did also. Such a new, cool concept!
Baltimore Prep said…
The scottland dress is my faveee!

These would look super cute hanging in Sassanova as they carry a lot of EM, you should approach them!
Kappa Prep said…
How darling! The Scotland is my favorite (I just so happen to be wearing it in navy right now)!!
pve design said…
Spring is around the corner and I would love a few new items from Elizabeth McKay's collection and your art to go with!
Just love how happy and timeless they both are.
Amanda C. Bee said…
Thank you so much ladies! Your support means the world to me! xo

@Baltimore Prep- Great idea! I should check them out
KAG said…
Amanda, love your work! So fun! I would love to have one done? Is it possible? xo KGB

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