Happy Valentine's Day.

"Conversation Hearts"
Happy Valentine's Day! Confession: I love conversation hearts. It's disappointing that this is the only time of the year you can find them (I suppose it makes sense, but who wouldn't want a conversation pumpkin?!)! So, you better believe I fill my basket up when they've been spotted. What's your favorite V-Day candy?


Happy Valentine’s Day...I also LOVE conversation hearts! xx
Baltimore Prep said…
Aww love the hearts! I filled a vase with conversation hearts and pink tulips at my house, they are the best!
pve design said…
I just found a box that my daughter left on the counter and one said "let's dance!"
How many things in life, just one or two words can say so much!~
you have a lovely blog. great words and inspirations. :)

new follower!


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