A Birthday Portrait.

"M and A"

Just wanted to share with everyone a portrait I did of my sister and a dear friend!  Backstory:  This was done from a photo that was taken on another birthday last year, so it's totally appropriate for the occasion! They were both wearing Lilly Pulitzer's print Peel and Eat (the one with the flamingos), so I tried my best to capture the print and I think it turned out pretty darn good!


LKF said…
Loooove it! And you know I'm a big fan of Lilly. You are spot on with the Peel and Eat!
The print looks fabulous as do those ruffles...enjoy the weekend! xx
QueenBeeSwain said…
This is ADORABLE and I need to remember to send you some pics already- would lurv a QBS + DMM pic for our dual bday present (we're 3 weeks- well, and 3 years- apart)



Anonymous said…
This portrait is so cute - I love the colours & the way you've drawn the shapes... amazing!


pve design said…
darn tootin good!
mary said…
I LOVE you and I LOVE this picture :)

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