Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse.

"Thomas Point"

My favorite lighthouse, the Thomas Point lighthouse is one of those classic and iconic pieces of Chesapeake Bay heritage (originally built in 1825, it has quite the history, check that out here).  It also currently still acts as a navigational aid for the Bay waters.  The lighthouse is a National Historic Landmark and is only one of ten lighthouses to be bestowed with that honor. (Donate to the preservation here)

Who else has a favorite lighthouse?


LKF said…
My favorite lighthouse is Pemaquid Point Light in Bristol, Maine.

Love your painting!
BAH said…
I just visited Jupiter Lighthouse this weekend and it was gorgeous!

Love your paintings by the way ... I need to commission you to do some for me after my trip to the Kentucky Derby this year!!!
Amanda C. Bee said…
Thanks ladies! xx

@BAH, shoot me an email when you're ready!
amandacbee at

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