Colorful Cocktails: Cherry Beer Margarita

Over the weekend, my sister and I had our annual Pink and Green themed party (it's a tradition, going on 7 years now) and I just fell in love with the raspberry beer cocktail we made (last week's colorful cocktail).  Whoever thought of adding beer to cocktails is a little genius!  It was a rightfully refreshing drink that was desperately needed by all (this weekend was a scorcher!).

This week's colorful cocktail is another pinspired post.  I decided to look up additional recipes using beer as an ingredient and came up with this tart and tasty treat (recipe from The Blond Cook).  This drink is a concoction of limeade, cherry soda, cherries, beer and tequila.  So mix it up, drink it down and say hello to your happiest hangover!

Who else is lovin' all these beer drink recipes?


Anonymous said…
Cute sketch..!

Amanda C. Bee said…
Thank you @Flapjack! :-)
Kat said…
hmmmm that does sound kinda genius. I may have to try that now!!


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