Cool Commissions

Introducing.... Cool Commissions!  When you see this title, you can expect to see a post featuring and devoted to some of my past custom works (in all honesty though, all of my clients are the coolest).

This first set was done for the lovely Sarah of Too Much is Never Enough!  She was a delight to work with and was among the first of my subjects to be wearing Lilly Pulitzer!  I just love how the pattern turned out (no matter how long it took!). (Side note, the images below were stitched together and are in fact square as most of my commissions are).

This portrait features four girls posing before prom!  The person 3rd from left was actually wearing a Lilly dress but unfortunately this was before I knew I could handle a Lilly print.  I still love the color blocked aesthetic that this piece portrays.

This last cool commission, is definitely one of the coolest.  My client was looking for something abstract that would go with a multitude of colors.  After a lengthy discussion, and a few drafts, this was the end result.  I think it turned out wonderfully!


You mastered You "Gotta a Regatta"! xx
Becky said…
Congrats on doing commissions! I love all your work. Love the "You Gotta a Regatta" piece.
Summer Wind said…
These are fabulous! I love how you did You Gotta Regatta!!! Such fabulous talent!
Baltimore Prep said…
They look amazing, especially the Regatta! You can post my piece after Friday, that is when it is being gifted!

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