Old Bay

"Old Bay 4 Ways"

Who doesn't love this Chesapeake seasoning?!  It literally tastes great on everything!  No crabcake is complete with out it.  What's your favorite way to use Old Bay?!


I love Old Bay, I seriously put it on everything. I especially love it covering my grilled shrimp and on potato chips! YUM!
Baltimore Prep said…
These would be so darling in a kitchen! I go through so much Old Bay at my house. We put it on everything from our bloodies in the morning to tuna salad, popcorn and corn on the cob.
elliebea said…
great blog!
you are nominated on my blog for the Liebster Award.. http://elliebeaa.blogspot.com :)
x x
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh I love this!! Old Bay is one of my favorites....I put it on everything!
LKF said…
We always use Old Bay on our scrambled eggs!

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