Amanda Bee Twists on Classics!

After spending a very long school year working my bee-hind off, there aren't enough words to express how happy I am to be painting again this summer break!  A huge thank you to all my fans for being so supportive during the year, your patience was award winning.  There are plenty of new and old clients keeping me busy as a bee these days and a pretty big announcement coming out soon (if all goes to plan!).  I've always had a huge appreciation for art history and classic artists so I thought it might turn out great if I put my special artistic twist on some of mine and your favorite pieces!  So if you there's one you really like, don't hesitate to shout it out!  I'll be updating the facebook page and the ol' instagram accounts first and then posting and pinning later!  So be sure to like the facebook page or instagram to see them first!!



Oh my gosh, love these! You're so talented!
Baird Whichard said…
These are so pretty!!!
These are amazing! My favorite is the walk in the park one!!

Monogram Meredith
bella said…
This is so fun!
I am a huge art history junky and these are great!! What a fun preppy twist!!!
Christy Brown said…
cute cute cute!

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