Quick Update!

Many of you know, many of you do not, but I am in grad school and it pretty much takes up all of my time.  As a result, the Etsy shop is closed until December and the end of semester.  I am still taking on commission work but as a disclaimer, completion time has drastically increased!  If there's something you MUST HAVE, send me an email and I'll be more than happy to work with you, just know it may take longer than you're used to!  Thank you all for understanding and I'll see ya in December!



AngelicAbbie said…
Can't wait to see it open again!! :)
Anonymous said…
Can't Wait to reopen, super excited!!
Eleanor Marie said…
Aww, I'm going to miss your shop! I can't wait until reopening. Best of Luck with grad school!
Anonymous said…

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